A green thumb isn’t enough. To succeed in today’s highly competitive greenhouse and nursery industry, you’ll need to understand greenhouse operations, plant environment, pest management technology, labour management and much more. Being located in the heart of Canada’s rapidly expanding greenhouse industry, NC offers more than 1,850 sq. m. (20,000 sq. ft.) of greenhouse space, as well as living labs, container and field nursery operations, and on-site greenhouse equipment. The facility utilizes an industry standard IPM system throughout the greenhouse environment which also houses applied research/demonstration projects with industry.

About this Program

Students participate in extensive field trips to ornamental and vegetable greenhouses in the Niagara and Leamington areas and attend industry trade shows. First year students benefit from allied learning with the Horticultural and Landscape Technician (Co-op) programs.

Career Opportunities

  • Greenhouse management
  • Greenhouse crop production
  • Nursery management
  • IPM specialist
  • Technical sales
  • Garden centres
  • Horticultural research
  • Horticultural journalism 

Environment and Horticulture Pathways

Graduates or last term students of NC horticulture, greenhouse or landscape programs can apply for advanced standing into: Greenhouse Technician (Co-op), Horticulture Technician (Co-op) or Landscape Technician (Co-op).

Source: Niagara College Canada